Christos, Kostas and Luc dreamt to build the first Souvlaki grill house in Luxembourg focusing their strenght in fresh local products, old traditional recipes from Greece, a strong branding and a lot of work in a familial yet clean and professional atmosphere.


The first Souvlaki grill house in Luxemburg! That was our vision! We made it come true by bringing original traditional tastes to your palate which will bring your right into the heart of Greece and spark some pleasant memories. From the very first day we chose the right way over the easy one; preparing all of our foods in our own kitchen, using our own “secret” recipes which of course add a very unique character to our flavours! We always look for the best ingredients, we collaborate with local producers who share the same ideas with ours. Fresh-Tasty and Original are traits that lead our way and characterize our passion, food.


The first Greek Souvlaki grill house in Luxemburg.


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